Monday, January 11, 2010

Birthday Gifts, Why People Love Them?

When it comes to birthday gifts, nothing can be more fun than giving presents to your loved ones to make them feel extra special on their birthday. Birthdays are extraordinary occasions for people to feel truly loved and appreciated as they celebrate becoming one year older. Birthday gifts are just one of the many ways of making birthday celebrants feel that way. It is quite true that no birthday celebration seems complete without the giving of birthday gifts, regardless of how small or inexpensive these presents are. For as long as birthday gifts are thoughtfully and sincerely given from the heart, they no doubt deserve to be appreciated.

Giving presents to a loved one when it’s their birthday brings joy to both persons involved. The giver and recipient both experience great happiness and gladness as the present is handed to the birthday celebrant. The look of thankfulness, surprise, and pleasure that is reflected on one’s face after receiving a bunch of birthday gifts is enough compensation for the people who gave the gifts in the first place. Like they say, there is nothing like the joy of giving.

For a lot of people, friends are as good as family. From the time we were just kids in grade school to the days when we studied college, we have always relied on our closest pals to give us the kind of support and understanding our parents could never have. That is why when a dear friend’s natal day draws near, we rack our brains to think of the absolute perfect gift for that friend. We think hard on what kind of present to give which would best convey how we feel for our pal. We also have to think about what kind of gift would make our friend happiest. Why give birthday gifts which your recipient could have no use for or find interest in?

It is true that the more effort that you exert in giving the most suitable gift for someone, the more happy and appreciative the recipient will be. For example, if your friend is a certified bookworm, which gift do you think she would be most glad to receive: a book by her favorite author that you searched the entire city’s bookstores for or a set of shiny new golf clubs from the local sports equipment store? Definitely your friend would be happier to receive the book, no matter how cheap it was rather than if she got those expensive golf clubs that she would have no use for. Birthday gifts have to be given with much thought and consideration. As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts when giving someone any kind of present.

Yes, birthday gifts are a great source of surprise, excitement, happiness, and joy. But whether they are inexpensive, small and seemingly insignificant (like a handwritten note or even a flower) or costly, trendy, and flamboyant (like a luxury designer handbag or high-end heels), it all boils down to one thing: intention. Birthday gifts are worthless if the giver only gave them for the wrong reasons, like flattery, bribery, or false camaraderie. The best birthday gifts will always be those which are offered for the sake of true love and friendship, and are given from the bottom of one’s heart with all sincerity.

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